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Golden Pathways: The DA-AGE Whitelist Lucky Draw

Are you ready to embark on a journey that could lead you to unparalleled RWA success? Welcome to the Golden Tickets Lucky Draw Campaign by DA-AGE - a chance for you to step into the world of innovative RWA investments like never before.

What Are Golden Tickets ?

Imagine holding a piece of the future. Our limited edition Golden Tickets pave the way to extraordinary opportunities within the DA-AGE RWA ecosystem. These golden tickets not only represent exclusivity but also offer a direct path to the Whitelist Lucky Draw.

The Whitelist Lucky Draw

DA-AGE Whitelist

Golden Tickets Giveaway: A Multi-Round Journey

We're excited to share that we're giving away a total of 15,000 Golden Tickets in a carefully planned series of rounds. This approach ensures that the excitement and opportunities are spread across different phases of our campaign.

How the Rounds Work:

We've divided the Golden Tickets giveaway into 5 rounds, with each round distributing 3,000 Golden Tickets. Here's the breakdown of distribution in each round:
‍Owning one of the 15000 Golden Ticket grants you eligibility for the Whitelist Lucky Draw. This draw opens the gateway to access in minting our sought-after DA-AGE Rs. With a total of 5,380 Whitelist spots available, your chance to secure a position in our groundbreaking project is now within reach.

1800 Golden Tickets:
Available for anyone interested in participating. This is your chance to acquire a piece of the future! Available for anyone interested in participating.
600 Golden Tickets:
Reserved for our valued franchise partners. It's our way of extending gratitude to those who have been an integral part of our journey.
600 Golden Tickets:
Allocated to the project management team. Their dedication and hard work deserve a special token of recognition.

Extra Opportunities for Franchise Partners and Engaged Supporters:

As a token of appreciation for our franchise partners and those who actively engage in our project (e.g., Discord moderators), we're offering additional chances to obtain Golden Tickets:

Franchise Partners: Our valued franchise partners will have an opportunity to secure 600 Golden Tickets per round, enhancing their chances in the draw.

Engaged Supporters: Those who contribute significantly to our community, such as our dedicated Discord moderators, will also have the opportunity to receive extra Golden Tickets.

The Golden Tickets Lucky Draw Campaign is your gateway to the future of RWA investments. Don't miss your chance to be part of the groundbreaking DA-AGE project. Acquire your Golden Ticket now and step onto the path of RWA success!

Disclaimer: The Golden Tickets Lucky Draw Campaign is subject to the terms and conditions outlined on our official website. Participation does not guarantee Whitelist selection.